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How to Enable Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Remotely (and in bulk)

As long as you have an administrative password to a remote machine you can enable terminal services / remote desktop remotely to administer it’s console.

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Basic Cisco IOS Configuration Commands for CME

A quick list for reference of common Cisco IOS configuration commands for CME

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How to type ‘#’ (hash or number) on a Mac

Can’t find the ‘#’ (hash or number) key on your Mac’s keyboard or using a PC keyboard (or synergy to remote control) and just get the number 3 when you press ‘#’?

Just use ALT+3 instead!

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How To: Control your PC and MAC (or Linux) from the same Keyboard and Mouse using Synergy

Synergy is free open source software that allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse, here’s my quick guide on how to set this up with a Windows PC and MAC.

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Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy – Evolution of our Digital Age?

Blockbusters files for bankruptcy, a sign of our current times or a throw back to the days of VHS and Beta Max?

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Windows System Uptime and System Information

How to retrieve the operating system uptime or boot time (plus other system information) for display or to store within an environment variable within Microsoft Windows

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